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You’ve probably heard the statistic that “10,000 Americans are retiring every day” and wondered if your community has missed out on attracting them. You’ve come to the right place – welcome to the American Association of Retirement Communities, where retiree attraction (planning, marketing, programming, and more!) has been our focus for over two decades. There are actually more people turning 60 every day in 2021 (nearly 12,000 a day!) than ever, as the peak of the “Baby Boom” (and, in fact, the largest 5-year period of American births in history) was 1957-1961. Those 23 million 60-to-64 year olds are considering their housing options – how will they see their way to you?

The central functions of the AARC are to be a shared resource for best practices, education, research and networking. Baby Boomers are changing the concept of retirement, and AARC members have been on the forefront of this evolving market. Learn with – and from – these industry leaders through our webinars, studies and our popular annual conference in the Fall. We hope that you take full advantage of what the AARC has to offer, and that you join us!

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Prospective Buyers Are Quickly Becoming Active Buyers

Rose Quint, National Association of Home Builders| May 7, 2021

Of the 16% of American adults considering a future home purchase in the first quarter of 2021, 63% have moved beyond planning and are actively trying to find one to buy, up from the comparable 49% share a year earlier. This increase marks the fifth consecutive year-over-year gain in the share of prospective buyers who have become active buyers.

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