Professional Development
AARC sponsors an annual national conference. On demand, special purpose seminars may be offered on topics of particular relevance to a community. Through these programs, members receive the very latest information regarding strategies and opportunities affecting the industry.

The AARC Newsletter, is sent to members on a monthly basis. Each issue highlights trends and news stories pertinent to Retiree Attraction.  Other features of the monthly newsletter may include research articles, marketing trends and products appealing to the 50+ home buyer and many other topics.

Membership provides the opportunity to network with other professionals nationwide with similar interests and backgrounds. Sharing of knowledge and opportunities is a valuable time and funds saver to those responsible for the development of new programs.

Direct assistance to communities is available through the AARC. Speakers and consultants are available to provide advice and support to those communities seeking outside assistance.

Resource Materials
Resources such as books, periodicals, and magazines are readily available to members through the administrative offices.

Membership – Business, Developers, For Profit Organizations – $350/year

Membership -City Govt. Units, County Govt or Chambers (Population greater than 12,000) – $350/year

Membership – City Govt. Units, County Govt or Chambers (Population less than 12k) – $250/year

Seal of Approval Membership Options 

Seal of Approval Annual Fee – $150
Seal of Approval Annual Fee (must be combined with annual membership)

Seal of Application Fee – $100
One Time Application Fee. Must be paid before Seal of Approval Application will be reviewed.